Kovu X Eraya

March 17, 2023

  • Murphy - Male - blk/tan
  • O'Connor - Male - blk/tan
  • Cara - Female - blk/wht/tan
  • Sloane - Female - Red Smut
  • O'Malley - Male - Red/wht
  • McKenna - Female - Red Smut
  • Keely - Female - blk/wht/tan
  • Zaira - Female - blk/wht/tan

Kovu Figueroa

Black Tan and White

 Kovu Figueroa  Kovu Figueroa  Kovu Figueroa

Jax Teller Cain

Black Tan and White

Hopi Red Dream Oferet (Miranda)

Red and White

Camila Telpol

Red and White

Onothe Beginning

Black and Tan

Vanator's Its Only a Dream


Vanator's Solar Flare


Eraya Figueroa

Red and White

 Eraya Figueroa  Eraya Figueroa  Eraya Figueroa

Hopi Red Dream Oferet (Miranda)

Red and White

Heartbull's Lord of War

Dark Rus of Popa (Miranda)

Gala By Popa (Miranda)

Brindle and White

Moonflower Sanval

Braith (Davila)

The St.Pattys Day pups